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I love cocktails. This blog is all about making easy, unique cocktails with aromatics – herbs, spices, florals, and fruit. Much of our ability to taste actually comes via our sense of smell, and the aromas that food and beverages produce heighten the taste experience. As an ingredient that can be muddled, infused, or shaken, aromatics offer endless creative avenues for beverages of all types, especially cocktails. My original recipes are simple enough for a novice but also should be of interest to the experienced professional or casual bartender as they innovate new cocktails.

I am a college professor and department chair. I also am the unofficial department bartender, providing original lively libations for my fellow faculty members at department meetings (which I renamed Happy Hour as one of my first acts as chair) and other gatherings of my colleagues in our department. When we entertain at our home, our guests are served my latest creation, which is always seasonally inspired. I loved my job as a bartender while I was in graduate school, and to this day I enjoy experimenting in the liquid refreshment arts.

I hope you enjoy these original recipes that I have developed, and I hope you’ll be inspired to experiment as well!