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Cranberry is a favorite Thanksgiving flavor. So is cinnamon. Ever thought of trying them together? In a cocktail? A classic Cosmopolitan takes on a distinct late autumn feel when the lime is omitted in favor of a stick of aromatic bark. This is a pitcher-friendly cocktail that your holiday guests will enjoy sipping on while the turkey is roasting; just be sure each glass gets its own cinnamon swizzle stick!

Instead of plain vodka and triple sec, I think orange- or other citrus-infused vodkas make a better Cosmo. For a subtle citrus flavor, use Absolut Citron or equivalent. For a more noticeable orange flavor, use Absolut Mandarin. Both are excellent in this version of the classic Cosmo. To make your own orange-infused vodka, remove strips of zest from a fresh orange and put it in a sealed container with vodka overnight. More zest and/or a longer infusion time will result in a stronger orange flavor. For my cranberry cocktails, I prefer the all-natural Northland brand because of its trueness of flavor.


1 shot orange- or citrus-infused vodka
4-5 ounces cranberry juice
1 cinnamon stick for garnish

Pour ingredients into a martini glass and stir gently with the cinnamon stick. Or make a pitcher using these ratios and let your guests serve themselves!


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