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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in muddled | 0 comments

fuzzy gin fizz

fuzzy gin fizz


It’s a shame that any cocktail with fruit in it isn’t considered “manly” by a large portion of the male population. If a gorgeous orange color and some tasty peach goo are too frou-frou for you, then I won’t seek to convert you. But I do recommend trying it before dismissing this tasty and sophisticated cocktail as “too girly.” (And keep in mind that if you’ve ever drank gin before, you’ve already ingested the floral aroma and essence of juniper berries. Sounds kinda girly if you ask me…)

This cocktail takes advantage of the peach’s summer sweetness and balances it with tartness, while the gin keeps it grounded and instantly reminds you this is an adult beverage. It does not taste like a sweet fruit juice. Don’t worry – this cocktail isn’t actually fuzzy! The peach gets peeled before it gets muddled.

fuzzy gin fizz

1/2 fresh peach, peeled and sliced
1 tsp fresh lemon juice
1/8 tsp sugar (more if you like it sweeter)
1 shot gin
lemon-lime soda

Put the peach slices and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Sprinkle the sugar on top and muddle well, so the peach is completely broken up. Add one shot of gin to the shaker and swirl gently. Pour over ice and add lemon-lime soda to fill the glass; stir very gently. Personally, I like the peach goo, but if you don’t, you can either strain the liquid (you’ll need a coarse rather than fine strainer so the liquid can still pass through), or pour everything in the glass and serve it with a straw (the peach goo floats, with the help of the soda’s carbonation). If you want to get fancy, lay a half-slice of lemon and a thin wedge of fresh peach on top.

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