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Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in shaken | 0 comments

mexican mexican coke

mexican mexican coke


This recipe features some of the tastiest ingredients from Mexican cuisine – cilantro, lime and jalapeño – resulting in a very refreshing and unique cola cocktail. All three of these ingredients are beautiful aromatics, and they complement and balance each other perfectly. You will notice (and appreciate) the delicate sweet, spicy, and green notes in both the aroma you get before taking a drink, and in the flavor of the drink itself.

Mexican Coke (I’m talking about Coca-Cola here!) contains real sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup. Actually, most of the rest of the world gets real sugar in their Coke, and to me, it tastes better. You can find it at most Latin food markets and many superstores, and it comes in glass bottles, which some would argue makes it taste even better. If you can’t procure any, the American stuff will work just fine; you will just have to call it “Mexican American Coke” instead. And if you can’t find or don’t feel like buying Absolut Cilantro, you can muddle some fresh cilantro with the lime juice; however, if you do purchase a bottle of Absolut Cilantro, I’ll help make sure you put that stuff to very good use! (For example, my tomodka sipping shot…)

I’d keep some tortilla chips handy, as you’ll almost certainly get a craving while enjoying this brightly-flavored cola cocktail. ¡Salud!

mexican mexican coke

1 shot Absolut Cilantro vodka
lime wedge (about 1/8 of a lime)
1/4″ slice fresh jalapeño (seeds and core removed, cut in half)
Mexican Coke

Put vodka into a cocktail shaker. Squeeze the lime wedge (completely) into the shaker. Add the jalapeño pieces and ice, and shake well; bruising the jalapeño releases its flavor. Pour contents from the shaker into a glass with ice, and add 3-4 ounces Mexican Coke. Stir very gently. If you want to get fancy, place the jalapeño pieces on top of a fresh lime wedge and float them on the ice.



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