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Posted by on Aug 1, 2013 in infused | 0 comments

sassy summer sangria

sassy summer sangria


Sangria is a perfect cocktail for improvising and innovating. In fact, I never make the exact same sangria twice. However, if you’re going to use a bottle of your favorite wine and a few of your best liquors, it helps to have a fool-proof foundation on which to build. This is my reliable base, to which you can add any number of other ingredients to make it suit your taste. I call it “sassy” because the rosemary gives it just a bit of an edge, and it’s not very sweet (but it can easily be made sweeter if you wish).

Because it’s infused with fresh rosemary and fruit, it needs to be made a day ahead. I also recommend pouring some lemonade or lemon soda into an ice cube tray; when you serve the sangria, these cubes will keep it cool without watering it down.

Before serving, taste it. And taste it again, to make sure you tasted it accurately the first time. Then play around with it – I’d suggest adding any new ingredients to your testing glass rather than the whole pitcher so you can try it before you’re committed. And be sure to taste it again. And again. Just to be certain it’s perfect.

sassy summer sangria

1 bottle white wine (I prefer an aromatic verdejo; if you can’t find one, chardonnay works fine)
1/3 cup sherry
1/3 cup mango vodka or triple sec
assorted fruits, peeled and cubed (pictured here are mango nectarine and Asian pear)
3 sprigs rosemary, thoroughly crumpled to release the oils
5-6 dashes Angostura bitters (it’s not actually bitter, but rather a tasty infusion of herbs and spices)
12 ounces chilled lemon Italian soda

Put all ingredients except the soda into a sealed container and let sit overnight. If you want it sweeter, add 1/3 cup mango or other juice. Before serving, add the soda. Serve with lemonade ice cubes and a small sprig of rosemary, if you don’t mind giving away your secret ingredient. Makes approximately six cups.

P.S. If you like mango vodka, try it in my herbed spiked lemonade, too!



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