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herbed spiked lemonade

Posted by on Aug 12, 2013 in infused | 0 comments

  Summer requires lemonade. Preferably, one that’s really refreshing. By this point in the summer, though, you’re probably bored with it – probably because you’ve had one too many glasses of boring lemonade. Fresh herbs provide a bright, invigorating flavor that is just plain perfect for beating the summer heat. This recipe will renew your faith – and interest – in lemonade. This recipe can be made with or without alcohol. If you are making the adult version, you have a lot of options, as infused vodkas are proliferating at a deliciously fast rate. I love mango, so I often use Three Olives Mango in this recipe (if you like mango vodka, try it in my sassy summer...

nutty vodka gimlet

Posted by on Aug 8, 2013 in shaken | 0 comments

  The vodka gimlet was my very first cocktail. When my parents had guests over, there was always a pitcher on hand, and I would sneak a sip when I could. I don’t know if it was the lime or the hazelnuts that I found more appealing. Yes, you read that correctly: Hazelnuts. After pouring a glass, one or two hazelnuts were dropped in, to be enjoyed at any point during the imbibing process. Once I became old enough to have my own, I would put three or four hazelnuts in my glass. While developing my own vodka gimlet recipe, I wanted to get even more of their flavor incorporated into this drink. Toasting...

fuzzy gin fizz

Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in muddled | 0 comments

  It’s a shame that any cocktail with fruit in it isn’t considered “manly” by a large portion of the male population. If a gorgeous orange color and some tasty peach goo are too frou-frou for you, then I won’t seek to convert you. But I do recommend trying it before dismissing this tasty and sophisticated cocktail as “too girly.” (And keep in mind that if you’ve ever drank gin before, you’ve already ingested the floral aroma and essence of juniper berries. Sounds kinda girly if you ask me…) This cocktail takes advantage of the peach’s summer sweetness and balances it with tartness, while the gin keeps it grounded and instantly reminds you this is an adult beverage. It...

sassy summer sangria

Posted by on Aug 1, 2013 in infused | 0 comments

  Sangria is a perfect cocktail for improvising and innovating. In fact, I never make the exact same sangria twice. However, if you’re going to use a bottle of your favorite wine and a few of your best liquors, it helps to have a fool-proof foundation on which to build. This is my reliable base, to which you can add any number of other ingredients to make it suit your taste. I call it “sassy” because the rosemary gives it just a bit of an edge, and it’s not very sweet (but it can easily be made sweeter if you wish). Because it’s infused with fresh rosemary and fruit, it needs to be made a...

mexican mexican coke

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in shaken | 0 comments

  This recipe features some of the tastiest ingredients from Mexican cuisine – cilantro, lime and jalapeño – resulting in a very refreshing and unique cola cocktail. All three of these ingredients are beautiful aromatics, and they complement and balance each other perfectly. You will notice (and appreciate) the delicate sweet, spicy, and green notes in both the aroma you get before taking a drink, and in the flavor of the drink itself. Mexican Coke (I’m talking about Coca-Cola here!) contains real sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup. Actually, most of the rest of the world gets real sugar in their Coke, and to me, it tastes better. You can find it at most Latin food markets and...

my mai tai

Posted by on Jul 20, 2013 in shaken | 0 comments

  I love rum. A lot. A great local tiki restaurant here in Columbus, Ohio has a drink called Rum and Happiness, and for me that pretty much describes any drink that has rum in it. This drink has three rums, so according to my math, that’s three times the happiness. Coconut is one of the aromatics in this recipe: one of the rums is infused with it, and the coconut water (which is one of the unique modifications I’ve made to make it my mai tai) adds another dimension of tropical nuttiness. If you can find raw coconut water, such as Harmless Harvest, all the better. my mai tai 1 cup dark and/or spiced rum ¾...